Monday, June 22, 2009

The Green Revolution

The time has come for a reconsideration of what we perceive as practical building materials, methods, & how we achieve sustainability. The green industry is reshaping the way we construct, the way we deconstruct, & has gone beyond to effect people’s daily practices. The green revolution has been stirring for decades but only now with such economic impacts do we see this revolution coming to the forefront of common practical ideology. It has become marketable and it has become popular. It is now at the supermarket check out stands, its in the book stores, its commercialized on television by Exxon Mobil, it has become mainstream and for many the green revolution is trendy, expensive and is beyond many peoples budget.

The rising costs of fuel & energy will significantly effect current industry standards. Transportation of products must be reduced & with this Sustainability will be greatly increased. There will be a redirection of water consumption, energy production, & there will be a growth in locally farmed materials. There will be a growth in hand made “natural products”, A resurrection of "Craft" & reinforcing the local markets will be a direct result of this.


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