Monday, July 13, 2009

Marvelous ideas require marvelous clients.

This unique home, designed by Stewart Architects in 2002 was built in 2003 & 2004.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky, with this project, however I believe the client is the lucky one!
After becoming intimate with the site & learning the client's lifestyle, likes and dislikes, needs and desires, the unpretentious characteristics between the architects and the owners unleashed a unique home with "wings of light". Thoughtfully connected to its surroundings the separate living and sleeping wings are joined via a central circulation area which welcomes both the dweller and the visitor. With vast site-lines interior and exterior, this home inspires the senses. It causes one to pause, look, listen and wonder. Each room has a unique sense about them, perhaps whimsical at times, with varied ceiling heights and planes, arched gables, window seats, interior lofts, shared light, transitional hallways of usable space, and ample exterior patios unite the user with the climate and environment we so luckily enjoy in Colorado.

The landscape has now matured to identify with the structure & we have snapped a few photos to share with you. Start dreaming to a different tune.

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